November 17, 2020; 5pm

American Defense Systems Inc. (OTC:ADFS) reported today that in line with its plans to relaunch its Real Estate Holdings division after the United States 2020 General Elections, it has now entered into a joint venture agreement with the newly formed ‘Eaast Star Group’, operating across the Caribbean to jointly pursue the following opportunities: (1) leasing and/or purchasing pre-existing warehouses as-needed for administrative offices, food storage, pharmaceutical storage, disaster aid training, shelter model engineering, and architectural drafting; (2) purchasing up to approximately 600 acres of farmland for the development of ‘food security facilities’ and related ‘continuity of government’ services; (3) purchasing residential real estate developments sufficient to accommodate up to 75 ‘disaster resistant safe houses’ suitable for ‘continuity of government’ services; and (4) leasing and/or purchasing pre-existing maritime facilities for the provision of ‘disaster aid’ and ‘maritime support’ services.

ADFS will release additional information on the value of the investments, the respective commercial mortgages, and cashflow projections after the engineering inspections, environmental assessments, and value appraisals of the targeted real estate investments.

ADFS is committed to complete the launching of these four operational divisions, before the end of first quarter 2021: (1) Crisis & Disaster Prep: to provide training, supplies, facilities, and shelter for law enforcement, healthcare, search and rescue, and government continuity in disaster-prone areas; (2) Strategic Investments: to invest and partner with other firms in disaster-prone areas that have the products and services needed for market penetration and service delivery; (3) Real Estate Holding: to acquire and develop a real estate portfolio that compliments and supports our market penetration and service delivery strategies; (4) Maritime Support Services: to provide safe harbor, re-supply, maintenance, and repairs for vessels in disaster prone areas.

Certain statements in this report; statements relating to the development, production, production rates, features and timing of existing and future products and technologies; statements regarding market growth and locations, and repair capabilities; statements regarding growth of our business and the means to achieve such growth; statements regarding growing market opportunities for products and the catalysts for that growth; statements regarding product demand, volume, production, delivery, and market share; statements regarding revenue, cash availability and generation, cash flow, gross margin, product pricing, spending, capital expenditure and profitability targets; statements regarding productivity improvements, cost reductions and capacity expansion plans, such as for customer deliveries, logistics and vehicle servicing; and statements regarding our investment in and the impact of changes to our customer delivery infrastructure, are “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations, and as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those projected.

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