A ‘Global Market Assessment for 2020 to 2024’ Report is Guiding ADFS’ New Business Planning

American Defense Systems Inc. (OTC:ADFS) released to the public today a report entitled “American Defense Systems: Global Market Assessment for 2020 to 2024”, which the company states is guiding their business planning for the next few years. A full copy of the report can be downloaded at or at

Some excerpts from the report are as follows:

“Planning A War Against Nature: Daily disruptions to our economy, society, and international relations are compelling industries to establish new assessments for a post-COVID-19 recovery. The pandemic, protests [and] global military challenges have created a perfect storm of uncertainty [which] has allowed these crises to linger and merge. As the situation drags, corporations planning supplies and distribution across the American continent must ascertain the potential lifespan of the current crisis before any reliable business planning can be finalized.

…We discuss ‘being able to adapt quickly’ because a significant portion of the population are still not convinced of how serious this corona virus pandemic is. On the other hand, enough of us agree that the best business plan for today is one that has honest clarity about both the present and what comes next.

… The virus and the violence are not so much the root of the problem, as our inability to work together to tackle them. This divide will probably prolong the lifespan of the economic crisis until another wave of disaster arrives to further the damage. A smart gambler, therefore, would bet that the current instability in the global economy will last for years.

…The impact of the pandemic and protests so far, is that traditional strengths are losing ground to challenges that are faster, bolder, or more flexible. Damage to the world’s major economies is thus four times worse than the 2009 global financial crisis. The United Nations has projected that up to 265 million people could face starvation by the end of the year because of the impact of Covid-19 alone.

…Some economists are forecasting a strong rebound within months, with activity surging right back to where it was before COVID-19. This optimism ignores the inescapable effects of the ‘velocity of money’ which dictate that with consumer purchases at all-time lows, it will take some time to catalyze that velocity of spending back to pre-COVID-19 levels. The more conservative bet is that the pain will extend for two to three years. This is mostly because people are still frightened, Americans are still dying, and it is becoming evident that the next phase of the coronavirus pandemic is already upon us. Ending the pandemic is the only way to restore the country’s wealth, health, and economic strength. But in the current political environment, supercharged by an election year, it is unlikely a consensus can be formed around any of the competing strategies to achieve that goal.

…All of this is occurring while the world is waking up to the fact that at the end of the day each country can only depend on what they already have secured within their own borders. This will lead to an increase in the building of storage facilities, to enhance food and pharmaceutical security. Both WHO and the World Bank are already starting to fund such initiatives. Other natural and man-made disasters will no doubt have a cumulative negative impact on global trade and the regional integration.

…Reinforcing domestic political and capital control are now major national security issues, while healthcare, liberty, and other immediate needs of the common person are not. This is ‘the new normal’.

…Disasters, therefore, like the current global catastrophe, are opportunities to adapt and leap ahead of the competition… As sure as history has taught us that dark ages breed new empires, if the world is decoupling, ADFS should rely on its rich historical experience and track record, and our exclusive access to commercially valuable holistic data, to employ bold long-term strategies and pioneer new post-COVID-19 industries exclusively for the post-COVID-19 era.

Moving forward, it is our resolve that ADFS should limit our markets to: (a) customized disaster relief for wealthy families; (b) government-continuity services; (c) mobile emergency healthcare technologies; (d) emergency warehousing and shelters; and (d) high-technology law enforcement and disaster management equipment and training.”

Certain statements in this report; statements relating to the development, production, production rates, features and timing of existing and future products and technologies; statements regarding market growth and locations, and repair capabilities; statements regarding growth of our business and the means to achieve such growth; statements regarding growing market opportunities for products and the catalysts for that growth; statements regarding product demand, volume, production, delivery, and market share; statements regarding revenue, cash availability and generation, cash flow, gross margin, product pricing, spending, capital expenditure and profitability targets; statements regarding productivity improvements, cost reductions and capacity expansion plans, such as for customer deliveries, logistics and vehicle servicing; and statements regarding our investment in and the impact of changes to our customer delivery infrastructure, are “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations, and as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those projected.

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