ADFS Strategic Investments will target companies for regional joint ventures

American Defense Systems Inc. (OTC:ADFS) reported today that although it has scaled back its operations of ADFS Real Estate Holdings until early 2021, it has proceeded with the launching of ‘ADFS Strategic Investments.’

The small defense company has reorganized their operations into four divisions, currently referred to as: (1) Crisis & Disaster Prep: to provide training and supplies to law enforcement, rescue, and healthcare professionals; (2) Strategic Investments: to invest and partner with other firms that have the products and services needed for our long term market strategies; (3) Real Estate Holding: Providing mobile medical facilities to disaster prone areas; warehouses for the storage of emergency food and medical supplies; and emergency shelters; and (4) Maritime Support Services: Providing safe harbor, re-supply, maintenance, and repairs for vessels in disaster prone areas.

In particular, ADFS Strategic Investments is preparing for fundraising this quarter to make their initial investments in other companies that have: (1) products or services crucial to the ADFS long term market strategy; (2) undervalued stock price, giving room for immediate positive equity; (3) a low-barrier for entry and influence; (4) pre-existing shareholder confidence in the current executive management team (e.g. a low rate of insider sales or shareholder turnover); and (5) pre-existing major shareholders that ADFS can have cooperative relationships with (e.g. well-known, highly-regulated, institutional investors).

Other than those general characteristics, there are no other specific criteria for how ADFS is selecting their investment targets. The two general guiding principles are simply: to invest in companies that ADFS can establish a good working relationship with; and to do so in a manner that catalyzes capital appreciation on the investment and also on ADFS common stock as well. The industries ADFS focuses on include communications hardware, software, construction, and shipping.

ADFS will release additional information on the nature of the investments, the size of the respective fundraising, and the actual targeted investments, after a valuation of the available shares in the companies currently being audited.

Certain statements in this report; statements relating to the development, production, production rates, features and timing of existing and future products and technologies; statements regarding market growth and locations, and repair capabilities; statements regarding growth of our business and the means to achieve such growth; statements regarding growing market opportunities for products and the catalysts for that growth; statements regarding product demand, volume, production, delivery, and market share; statements regarding revenue, cash availability and generation, cash flow, gross margin, product pricing, spending, capital expenditure and profitability targets; statements regarding productivity improvements, cost reductions and capacity expansion plans, such as for customer deliveries, logistics and vehicle servicing; and statements regarding our investment in and the impact of changes to our customer delivery infrastructure, are “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations, and as a result of certain risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those projected.

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