American Defense Systems is based out of Hicksville. American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADSI) provides customized transparent and opaque armor solutions for tactical and non-tactical transport vehicles and construction equipment used by the military in the United States. It engages in the research and development, design and engineering, fabrication, and component integration; and provides subject matter experts in engineering, ballistics, government contracts, program management, and logistics.

The company’s products include crew protection kits for armor protection of operator compartments; VistaSteel transparent armor that provides a defensive barrier to protect against firearms, physical attack, and explosive blasts; VistaSteel opaque armor installed on various military vehicles to form up-armor or add-on armor kits; VistaGuard windows, which are forced entry blast resistant windows, window frames, and transparent armor assemblies used to mitigate forced entry, ballistic, and terrorist threats; forced entry blast resistant curtain wall; mobile ballistic shield, a bullet-resistant transparent mobile shield used in hostage negotiation and other hostile situations; and trans-barrier system, a transparent armor shield to provide ballistic and blast protection.

ADSI also offers heated ballistic ship windows; proprietary hardware, including hinges, rotary and slam latch, combat lock, and egress window; T2 ballistic range, a live fire interactive training range system to provide training to war fighters or law enforcement personnel; handheld, lightweight police shields; and lightweight combat helmet with ballistic resistance.

The company serves military, government, law enforcement, detention and security industry, and correctional agencies, as well as private sector. It also operates a retail outlet carrying body armor, tactical nylon products, weapons, ammunition, weapons parts and accessories, and other tactical gear. American Defense Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Hicksville, New York.

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American Defense Systems Inc